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Sheet metal working process
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Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. For example, the specific use of sheet metal production of chimney, bucket, tank Youhu, ventilation pipe, elbow reducer, Tianyuandifang, funnel shape, the main process is shear, bending, bending, buckling edge welding, riveting, requires a certain knowledge of geometry. Sheet metal parts are metal parts, that is, through stamping, bending, stretching and other means to the processing of parts, a general definition is in the process of the same thickness of the parts. The corresponding casting parts, forging parts, machining parts etc..

Method / procedure

Material feeding: a variety of ways, mainly in the following ways

1. Shears: shears shear strip has the advantages of simple materials, it is mainly for the mold blanking forming preparation process, low cost, accuracy is less than 0.2, the strip or block but can only be processed without orifice cutting angle.

2. Punch: the use of punch plate parts are divided one or more steps in the blanking plate on parts forming materials of various shapes, the utility model has the advantages of cost of short working hours, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, suitable for mass production, but to design the mold.

The.NC NC material, NC material under the first to write CNC machining program, using the programming software, the expansion plan will be drawn into the preparation of NC number of pull machine can identify the program, so that under these programs step knife. Each shape plate in plate blanking, but its structure is subject to. The tool structure of low cost, accuracy to 0.15.

4. Laser cutting, is the use of laser cutting, cutting out the shape of the large flat, the flat, with the NC material to be prepared the same CD program, flat, it can lower the complex shape of the high cost and precision in 0.1.

5. Sawing machine: mainly used aluminum profiles, pipe, square pipe, drawing round bar like low cost, low precision.

Locksmith: sink hole, tapping, reaming, drilling

Sink hole angles of 120 DEG C, for rivet, 90 DEG C for countersunk head screws, tapping the bottom inch.

Flange: also called smoke hole, hole flanging holes in the base, is a small pump into a larger hole, then tapping, mainly used in thick sheet metal processing relatively thin, increasing its strength and number of threads, to avoid slipping, generally used for plate thickness is thin, the shallow hole Zhou Zhengchang the thickness of flange, basically no change, allowing a thickness of 30-40%, high high 40-60% level than normal flanging, squeeze 50% thin, can get maximum flanging height, when the plate thickness is large, such as 2, 2.5 above the plate thickness, can be directly tapping.

Punch: mold forming manufacturing processes, general punch processing punching, blanking, cutting, convex hull (bumps), red tear, smoke hole, forming and other processing methods,

Riveting: riveting pressure on the company, the main pressure riveting nut, screw loose, etc., it is through the hydraulic pressure riveting machine or punch to complete the operation, the riveted to the sheet metal, and rivet, should pay attention to the direction of.

Bending; bending is the 2D of the flat pieces, folded into 3D parts. The processing needs of folding bed and a corresponding bending mold, it also has some bending sequence, the principle is the a first folding knife does not produce interference, will produce interference after folding.

The number of bends is T=3.0mm 6 times the width of the plate thickness calculation, such as: V=6,.0 F=1.8 T=1.0, T=1.2, V=8, F=2.2, T=1.5, V=10, F=2.7, T=2.0, V=12,, F=4.0, and so on.

Bending mold classification, straight knife, machete (80 C and 30 C)

When there are cracks, plate bending, die groove width increase can increase the mold R (annealing can avoid cracking)

Points for attention during bending: I figure, the thickness of the plate, the number of the

III IV bending bending angle; dimensions; VI appearance, no creases of chromium electroplating materials.

The relationship between bending and pressure riveting process, generally the first riveting material after bending, but after pressure riveting interference must first fold after pressure, and some require bending - bending - pressure riveting process.


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