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What is the difference between sheet metal processing and iron products processing
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Sheet metal processing is a key technology for sheet metal technicians, and is also an important process of sheet metal forming. It includes not only the traditional cutting, punching, bending forming method and process parameters, including cold stamping die structure and process parameters, working principle and operating method of all kinds of equipment, new technology and new stamping process also includes.

Sheet metal processing refers to with sheet molding objects which can be steel / copper / aluminum shapes of the parts, not only the plate thickness, it can be able to withstand high temperature high pressure boiler, chemical equipment, etc., can also be a tank, ice bucket, Sheng, also includes a motor shell, etc.

Iron products, which covers all steel products, is a kind of fuzzy classification.

However, this classification is vague in this name not only in regular household items mentioned in the right class usually use less such appellation in other places!

Sheet metal processing refers to the connection sheet through a rivet or bend, not through the process of making square tube, pipe, tube and other irregular mitered metal component welding method. Iron products in a wide range, refers to the metal through various means (way) made of metal components.


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