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Some drawbacks of sheet metal processing enterprises
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At present, the sheet metal enterprise polarization situation will become more and more fierce, some enterprises do not adapt to the market competition through different channels to withdraw from the market competition, and the sheet metal giant will gradually surfaced. At the same time, although some enterprises in the transformation of sheet metal according to the industrial structure adjustment, but as punching sheet metal processing industry based on the industry, there are still some enterprises exist some disadvantages.

Some drawbacks of sheet metal processing enterprises

1, obsolete equipment

On the equipment, the sheet metal laser processing enterprises in a large part of the basically still remain in the small workshop production mode, it is understood most punch punch basically are still relatively low, not set automatic blanking port, blowing device, and even some machine programming software is still in the DOS era, but in some foreign large and high-tech enterprises will use FMS and other equipment. These greatly affect the competitiveness of enterprises.

2, technical backwardness

Some large companies have a lot of large metal processing laser processing equipment, the majority of the purchase of seven or eight years ago, due to staff turnover reasons, in the transfer of Technology / experience often can not be accepted by the acceptance of the novice, only about 50% or so. Although the equipment is advanced, but it is still used as a general composite machine, and the manufacturing process, does not use the micro connection, the efficiency of the machine can not be maximized.

3, information block

Today, the information update speed is too busy to attend to all, but personal touch executives rarely take the time to access to relevant information, not to mention the special department specialized in intelligence and information gathering.

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