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Method for sheet metal processing stamping process
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Sheet metal processing can be completed by the sheet metal cabinet of the processing process required to achieve, sheet metal processing most commonly used in the design of sheet metal chassis cabinets is a combination of welding methods and.

1, sheet metal processing welding is one of a method of combination of chassis, and this way is to use the corresponding columns, beams and other corresponding connection, which can ensure better chassis rigidity and welding, but relatively welding volume is too large, easy to cause beyond the scope.

2, the composite metal chassis is another way to connect, and the way to protect the parts spraying and has certain advantages, there are some shortcomings but for the strength of the rigid chassis.

The combination of sheet metal cabinet cabinet is to make the whole sheet metal processing combination according to the specific circumstances, so as to make more effect on the structure and technology. And for the sheet metal cabinet, in the process of sheet metal processing is also divided into a variety of ways, but also carried out a simple operation.

In order to ensure the use of sheet metal chassis can be better in two ways such as sheet metal processing, chassis connection can be combined in two ways, thereby reducing the defects generated.

Type of stamping process for sheet metal processing:

Sheet metal processing stamping process can be roughly divided into two categories of separation processes and forming processes.

1, the separation process is in the stamping process to make the stamping parts and blank along a certain contour lines, and stamping parts of the quality of the separation section to meet certain requirements;

2, forming process is to make the stamping billet in the condition of no damage to plastic deformation, and into the required shape of the finished product, but also to meet the requirements of dimensions and tolerances.

According to the different temperature of cold stamping stamping and hot stamping in two ways, according to the material strength, ductility, thickness, deformation degree and ability of the equipment selection of stamping in different ways, also should consider the original materials for thermal processing and end use conditions.

Sheet metal processing in accordance with the stamping process of the temperature of cold stamping and hot stamping in two ways. It depends on the strength, plasticity, thickness, deformation degree and equipment capacity of the material, as well as the original heat treatment condition and the final use condition of the material.

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