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Safety facilities for stamping equipment
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Stamping equipment is the so-called press. Name: hydraulic machine, punching machine, hydraulic machine. Is a large special equipment to suppress the container.

Security facilities

1, stamping equipment should be nameplate, all kinds of instructions, safety and warning indicator.

2, the power wiring should be standardized, the cable should not be damaged equipment, prevent aging.

3, stamping equipment on the distribution box door lock should bring the key, open the door automatically cut off the power supply.

4, single, continuous, foot stamping operation of the conversion should be used with a key lock switch.

5, stamping equipment, a single trip operation, no continuous stamping stroke.

6, the selection of continuous stroke operation, it should operate with the process control action link.

7, stamping equipment must have an emergency stop button, and should be able to lock.

8, pedal operation and hand operation between the chain should have control.

9, the transmission gear, exposed to the fuselage and the fuselage top pulley, the flywheel and lever transmission parts should be installed security guard.

10, foot operated device using pedal type, to pedal for electric switch control, and can automatically reset.

11, the upper and both sides of the foot pedal should guard, pedal should slip.

12, stamping equipment must have the safety protection measures to prevent hand into the mold closed, the use of units should be based on the type of equipment, production of stamping workpiece shape in different situations, adopt automatic feeding, equipped with safety protection device, safety from feeding die and use special tools of stamping operation safety measures.

Three, on a regular basis to the electrical system of the 13 tests (protection grounding, insulation, pressure test), testing, and a test report.

14, each stamping equipment should have "stamping equipment safety of machinery with card", and in the period of validity.

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