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  Suzhou Desidun precision metal products Co., Ltd. is located in the Palestinian town of Jiangsu city in Kunshan Province Economic Development Zone is Miriam gentleman Pavilion Road and Farm Road intersection, the company was founded in early 2008, the company registered capital of 3 million yuan, plant area of 1200 square. Is a professional R & D, production and sales of all kinds of sheet metal parts, metal shell, large laser processing, the company has a large 3200W laser cutting machine, 200T high precision 4100m CNC bending machine, 4100m high precision CNC shearing machine rolling machinery tailift forklift equipment 3.5T.

  Corporate philosophy:

  With constant, extension has added

  Will quality is the life of enterprise perseverance.

  To keep the customer is our god.

  Will protect the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction.

  Will be strict management, improve efficiency and perseverance.

  Will be good to the employees, the common development of perseverance.

  Explore ideas, broaden their horizons, develop technology, pioneering spirit, to open up the market. Achieve the common development of enterprise employees.

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