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Sheet metal industry development momentum is very fierce
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Sheet metal parts in the mold design process requirements, sheet metal parts of the shape is the main basis for mold design, which determines the overall structure and shape of the mold. The dimensional tolerances of sheet metal parts will affect the working parts of die (such as punch and die size and shape tolerance etc.). In addition, the sheet metal parts of the material, shape and position tolerances and technical requirements of the work of the mold components have a greater impact. Therefore, in addition to the sheet metal parts model should include the shape information, but also must contain parts of the dimensional tolerances, accuracy, materials and technical requirements and other information, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mold design results. Model of sheet metal parts is the carrier of subsequent mold design application for all kinds of information, which requires the model can reflect the features of sheet metal parts, specifically to reflect the engineering semantics of sheet metal parts, the mold design applications can understand easily extract the information needed. On the other hand, the three-dimensional sheet metal parts generally have complex space position relations, only according to the shape characteristics of sheet metal parts to construct, it can simplify the user operation.

Automobile hardware stamping parts of a very wide range, although there are part of the special metal stamping parts, but most of the standard metal stamping parts. Because of the high quality and reliability requirements of the automobile, the products of our country can not be fully made. The special metal stamping metal stamping parts in car parts, such as engine connecting rod bolts, bolts, bolts, bolts, tire special flywheel power transmission machinery special bolts, bolts and other chassis suspension, there is still a part to rely on imports. From the development trend, the automobile industry selection of hardware stamping parts should also be based on the domestic, that is, to achieve the main technology and performance requirements.

At present in the electronic appliances, telecommunications, automotive, medical equipment and other fields, sheet metal has been widely used and developed, and the sheet metal has the advantages of light weight, high strength, also has a conductive (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), the characteristics of low cost, mass-produced and good performance, just like in the computer chassis, mobile phone, MP3, sheet metal has become an integral part of the. In daily life, sheet metal parts frequently appear in life, sheet metal technology more and more attention, more and more people's favor. And with the sheet metal is used more and more widely, the design of sheet metal parts has become a very important part in product development, so the mechanical engineers must master the design techniques of metal parts, in order to make the design of the sheet metal can satisfy the product function and appearance requirements, but also makes the stamping die manufacturing more simple, more low cost. We believe that in the future development trend, sheet metal technology will become more and more popular, more space for development.

Sheet metal processing and sheet metal are two indispensable industries in our life, almost all of the metal manufacturing industry will use the sheet metal processing, and sheet metal parts in the mechanical equipment manufacturers have also played a very high rate, since the beginning of 2015, the momentum of development of sheet metal industry is very rapid, occupy the position in the market and also components more and more important, not only for our enterprises to bring huge economic benefits, but also give us the production and life of the residents has brought convenience. Production capacity needs to accelerate the sheet metal industry rapid development, especially Chinese is manufacturing export country, many foreign companies are investing to China, along with the progress of science of fine metal processing capacity continues to expand, cabinet and belongs to the metal processing industry, electronic control box, metal box belongs to sheet metal processing, change their demand is also about the change of sheet metal processing demand.

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