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The competitiveness of stamping die industry in China
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Because of obvious progress and the rapid development of the domestic stamping die technology, coupled with the domestic stamping die low prices, in recent years, some domestic joint venture brand car has many stamping parts imported from the past to be purchased in china. At the same time, with the development of the international competitiveness of China's domestic stamping parts industry, some foreign brands have begun to purchase more and more stamping parts from our country. This trend is not only clear, but also with the production technology optimization of local enterprises, the domestic stamping parts industry in the international market advantage will be further highlighted. The level of development of stamping parts market in China, is relatively slow, the first is raw materials and related technology is relatively backward, because the quality of the use of domestic steel fasteners and chain and bearing, mold and other products is relatively poor, less varieties of specifications, a direct impact on the stamping products the quality of mechanical parts are generally based on a large number of production batches, the variety, quality requirements more stringent, but some of our basic parts enterprises due to funding constraints, investment is not large enterprises since the reform ability is relatively poor and less advanced equipment not complete, affect product quality and grade.

So urgent and huge market demand reflects the laser processing means has to cover important areas of the national economy, but also affects the national defense, aerospace and other key technology breakthrough, we not only solve the current domestic blank of the product, but also to solve the field of laser processing core level of technical problems, such as CNC laser the laser machine, model structure, high quality laser cutting processing technology bottleneck. The laser cutting technology in China after 30 years of development, has made thousands of scientific and technological achievements, many have been used in production practice, laser processing equipment production average annual growth rate of 20% for the technological transformation of traditional industries, improve the quality of products has solved many problems, such as laser hair fiber technology is Baosteel, Benxi Iron and steel and other large mills, will change our automobile panel plate is completely dependent on imports of the state, quality, function, price in line with the current market demand for domestic machine, laser marking machine and laser welding, the market share of 90% in.

China's auto stamping parts market development is very rapid, but its development has shown an imbalance. Although China's automobile production is quite amazing, but many of them are from well-known foreign brands of capital investment and large-scale production of stamping parts is an important part of the automotive industry, the development progress of imbalance and regional. China's automobile stamping industry develops very fast, but and automobile manufacturing advanced countries compared, there are still some gaps, especially in foreign countries in Europe and America, automotive stamping parts stamping parts in the whole industry to occupy half of the country, while China only occupies 1/3. Therefore, China's auto stamping parts industry has yet to be improved, we must enter a new era of upgrading. With the vigorous development of China's automobile, the automobile stamping Market is growing.

In line with the international standardization, exacerbated by the domestic stamping parts of the mold industry competitiveness. People turn to improve the quality of products, reduce the cost of stamping parts products and enhance the ability to develop new products. Stamping mould manufacturing is one of the most basic elements in the whole chain, mold manufacturing technology has become an important symbol of a country's manufacturing level, and decide the survival of enterprises to a great extent. From the current situation, China's stamping parts market there are some of the following problems of production capacity oversupply, some of the main engine factory stamping factory, put no, holding can not. Most of the time a year production task is insufficient, non market behavior of material technology, mould technology, lubrication technology and equipment levels are low, far can not meet the needs of the development of domestic product stamping industry face the challenges of development and environmental requirements of the automobile and aircraft to stamping pressure.

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