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Sheet metal processing used in the material and sheet metal to start matters needing attention
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Sheet metal processing materials are generally used cold-rolled plate, galvanized plate (SPCC) (SECC), copper, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. The effect was different. As for how to choose from, generally need to use and cost to consider.

1 cold rolled plate. SPCC is used for surface treatment of zinc plating or paint a colorful.

2 galvanized plate. SECC is used for surface treatment using paint. In no special requirements, generally used in the SPCC, can reduce the cost.

3 copper. Generally used for nickel plating or chrome plated parts, sometimes not for treatment;

4. Aluminum surface treatment is generally used for chromate or oxidation using.

5 stainless steel plate. Sub mirror stainless steel and stainless steel, it does not need to do any processing;

6 aluminum. Generally used for surface treatment is used. The main parts of chromate or oxide support or connection function used in a large number of inserted in the box.

7 stainless steel; mainly used without any surface treatment, high cost.

Sheet metal to start matters needing attention

The unfolded drawing is based on the plan (2D) of the part drawing (3D).

1, expand the way to close, to facilitate the saving of materials and processing

2, a reasonable choice of gap and edge, T=2.0 gap 0.2, T=2-3 gap 0.5, edging by way of the long side of the short side package (door type)

3, reasonable consideration of the tolerance of the size of the overall size: negative deviation in the end, is half of the positive difference, the hole size: positive and negative to go in the end, take half of the negative difference.

4, burr direction

5, pulling teeth, pressure riveting, punching, tearing point (package), such as the location of the direction, draw the section view

6, check the material, plate thickness, thickness tolerance

7, special angle, bending angle inside radius (general R=0.5) to try to fold and start

8, there is easy to make mistakes (similar asymmetry) should focus on the local tips

9, the size of the place to increase the size of the larger

10, the need to paint protection must be said

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