Sheet metal parts
Sheet metal parts
Sheet metal parts
sheet metal materialssuitable for stamping process of sheet metal material is very much, widely used in the electronics industry, sheet metal materials, including:1 common cold rolled sheet spccspcc re…
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Sheet metal materials

Suitable for stamping process of sheet metal material is very much, widely used in the electronics industry, sheet metal materials, including:

1 common cold rolled sheet SPCC

SPCC refers to the ingot after cold rolled machine continuous rolled into required thickness steel plate or sheet material. The surface of SPCC without any protection, exposed in the air can be easily oxidized, especially the oxidation speed in a humid environment, dark red rust, to paint, plating or other protective surface when in use.

2 galvanized steel sheet SECC

SECC base material for the general cold rolled steel coil, in the continuous galvanizing line after the skim, pickling, electroplating and processing after a variety of processing, that is, to become electro galvanized products. SECC not only has the mechanical properties of the general cold rolled steel sheet and its approximate machinability, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. In the electronic products, home appliances and furniture market has a lot of competitive and replace. For example, the general use of the computer chassis is SECC.

3 galvanized steel SGCC

Refers to the volume of hot dip galvanized steel pickling hot-rolled or cold-rolled of semi-finished products, after cleaning, annealing temperature of about 460 DEG C molten zinc bath, and the steel plated zinc layer, and then quenched leveling and chemical processing and. SGCC material than SECC material hard, poor ductility (to avoid deep pumping design), zinc layer thickness, poor welding performance.

4 stainless steel SUS301

Cr (CR) content was lower than that of SUS304, the corrosion resistance is poor, but after cold processing can obtain good tensile and hardness, good elasticity, multi spring and anti EMI for shrapnel.

5 stainless steel SUS304

One of the most widely used stainless steel, due to the Ni (nickel) is more than Cr (CR) steel corrosion resistance, heat resistance, has a very good mechanical properties, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, no flexibility.


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